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"The best elected officials possess two important qualities, accessibility and the ability to listen with sincerity and thought to ideas and opinions from residents. Val embodies both. She has the strength of character to take action and make tough decisions when it counts."

Leslie Lodestro,
Founder CHASE, Community Hope and Sober Events
Los Altos Historic Walking Tour brochure
Rinconada Court (1895)

Issues and Opportunities

  • City Finances: In good times and bad, the City of Los Altos is fortunate to be well-managed and financially sound, with a balanced budget, substantial reserves, no cuts in services or staff, and planned infrastructure improvement projects. Only by continuing to adhere to conservative fiscal policies, aggressively pursue cost reductions, make tough trade-offs, and exercise discipline in our decisions, can we provide the services and facilities our community desires.
  • Downtown: Both short and long term initiatives have been and are being implemented to support our downtown business and property owners. The key to renewed growth is increased foot traffic. Fully parked Class A office space rented to high-quality tenants such as law and venture capital firms is the most effective and efficient way to increase weekday customers. Additional housing and the new hotel in the downtown triangle will also add more customers, especially at night and on weekends. These new developments will also contribute increased property, sales and transit occupancy tax revenues to the City and much needed support for our award-winning public schools.
  • Traffic: Improving the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians, particularly children traveling to and from school, along our residential streets continues to be a top priority for me. I believe in investing in assets such as more visible crosswalks and permanent traffic calming devices like speed humps rather than increasing on-going expenses for enforcement.
  • Residential Neighborhoods: Maintaining the residential character of our existing neighborhoods as properties are redeveloped continues to be very important to me, particularly preserving backyard privacy, peace and quiet.

Other Civic Accomplishments

  • Los Altos Historic Walking Tour Brochure: In 2005, at the request of the Los Altos Historical Commission, I managed the creation of this brochure, which showcases the historic commercial buildings of downtown Los Altos, and worked with Randall Hull and The Br@nd Ranch graphics design agency to redesign and print it.
  • Rinconada Court Heritage Trees Designation: In 2003, as Chair of the Historical Commission, I led the commission through a series of public hearings on an emergency basis to protect the remaining row of Canary Island date palm trees on Rinconada Court in Los Altos. These trees were originally planted over 100 years ago to line the drive to the historic home at 439 Rinconada Court. Named one of the prettiest streets in Los Altos by the Los Altos Town Crier, Rinconada Court residents were united in their support for this action.