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November 2, 2010 Results
Val Carpenter 6,582 31.68%
Jarrett Fishpaw 5,865 28.23%
Curtis Cole 4,500 21.66%
Matt Sweeney 1,988 9.57%
Nancy M. Carlson 1,839 8.85%
Total 20,774 99.99%
In 2010, Val was endorsed by the Los Altos Town Crier, The Daily News, and the Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS® (SILVAR)
November 8, 2005 Results
  Val Carpenter 6,369 35.65%
  Kurt Colehower 5,110 28.60%
  Randall Hull 4,655 26.05%
  Chris Croudace 1,733 9.70%
  Total 17,867 100.00%

"Val Carpenter has demonstrated her commitment to serving our community and her leadership in addressing complex issues for nearly ten years. She's made a difference and I'm delighted to endorse her for re-election to the Los Altos City Council."

David Casas, 2010 Mayor of Los Altos, and Former Los Altos School District Trustee

"Val truly represents all Los Altans and considers what is best for the entire community."

Lynette Lee Eng, Parks and Recreation Commissioner and past Chair

Val and Don McDonald
Val and former Historical Commissioner Don McDonald at History House

"Val knows how to get things done. Iíve followed her work with admiration for her effectiveness, especially when confronted by problems where any practical solutions require tough decisions."

Don McDonald, Historian, Association of the Los Altos Historical Museum

"The management skills Val brought to Council from her decades of experience as a senior executive in Silicon Valley have added significant value. She has been a key contributor in many areas."

Ron Packard, 2011 Los Altos Mayor

Thank you for the honor of serving you.

For thirteen years on the Los Altos City Council, Planning and Historical Commissions, I have worked effectively with my colleagues, City staff, and residents on a broad range of issues. A 23-year resident, I advocate commonsense solutions in the long-term interest of the entire community, and strive to balance desired changes with preserving what is cherished.

I kept my commitments to you. I worked to manage City finances conservatively, maintain the character of residential neighborhoods, improve public safety and calm traffic, support community resources, and promote vibrant business districts.

In my second term, I continue to focus on maintaining balanced budgets and increasing reserves without cutting services. My priorities are:

  1. prudent fiscal policy
  2. safer streets
  3. a thriving downtown
  4. community resources
  5. neighborhood character
  6. a strong local economy

Listening to you and working on your behalf is my top priority: the children my husband and I raised in Los Altos are grown; my schedule as a part-time college teacher is flexible. Important progress has been made; I'm ready to build on this solid foundation. Thank you for your Vote for Val.

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Val Again

10. As a Los Altos City Councilwoman, two-time former Mayor of Los Altos, former Los Altos Planning Commissioner, former Los Altos Historical Commission Chair, and active community volunteer, I've worked effectively with my colleagues, the city staff, and community members on a broad range of issues for thirteen years.

9. As a Silicon Valley executive, I've been responsible for departmental budgets the size of the city's annual budget. I know how to set priorities and make tough trade-offs.

8. As a mother who raised her children here, I understand the needs of families for outstanding schools, safe streets, nearby parks, and recreational programs for all ages.

7. As a Stanford MBA and owner of a small business based in town, I place a high priority on conservative fiscal policies and a strong local economy.

6. As a Lifetime Girl Scout, I'm known for doing my homework and treating others with courtesy and respect.

5. I actively seek out different points of view and bring people together to share their ideas.

4. I'm a good listener and a creative problem solver who gets things done.

3. I break down complex issues into individual components, identify specific solutions for each, and build support to get them implemented.

2. I've demonstrated thoughtful leadership and dedicated commitment in addressing the issues our community faces.

1. My re-election received broad support. I was endorsed by the Los Altos Town Crier, The Daily News, and the Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS® (SILVAR). Current and former mayors, regional elected officials, commissioners, and over one hundred community members also endorsed me for re-election in November 2010.