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"Val Carpenter has demonstrated her commitment to serving our community and her leadership in addressing complex issues for nearly ten years. She's made a difference and I'm delighted to endorse her for re-election to the Los Altos City Council."

David Casas, Mayor of Los Altos, and
Former Los Altos School District Trustee
"The management skills Val brought to Council from her decades of experience as a senior executive in Silicon Valley have added significant value. She has been a key contributor in many areas."

Ron Packard, Los Altos Mayor Pro Tem
"Val truly represents all Los Altans and considers what is best for the entire community."

Lynette Lee Eng, Parks, Arts & Recreation Commissioner & past Chair
"I would like to heartily endorse Val Carpenter for re-election to the Los Altos City Council. Val has been a terrific support to me as a Parks, Arts, and Recreation Commissioner, and I found her advice and wise counsel very valuable during my time as Chair of the PARC. Val's hard work and dedicated service to Los Altos in many areas of community service have served this town well during her time on the City Council."

Karen Greguras, Parks, Arts, and Recreation Commissioner & former Chair
"I worked with Val on the Los Altos Historical Commission as well as the Los Altos History Museum 50th anniversary exhibit committee, where I learned that she's an effective leader who knows how to organize and motivate a team to get things done. More recently, I've followed her work on the Council with admiration for her effectiveness, especially when it is confronted by complex problems and problems where any practical solutions require unpopular decisions."

Don McDonald, Historian, Association of the Los Altos Historical Museum
"The best elected officials possess two important qualities, accessibility and the ability to listen with sincerity and thought to ideas and opinions from residents. Val embodies both. She has the strength of character to take action and make tough decisions when it counts."

Leslie Lodestro,
Founder CHASE, Community Hope and Sober Events

2010 Endorsements (partial list)

Los Altos City Council

  • David Casas, Mayor of Los Altos & former LASD Trustee
  • Ron Packard, Mayor Pro Tem
  • Lou Becker, Councilman and former Mayor
  • Roger Eng, former Mayor
  • Bob Grimm, former Mayor
  • Ted Laliotis, former Mayor
  • John Moss, former Mayor & LASD Trustee
  • Jane Reed, former Mayor
  • Frank Verlot, former Mayor

Regional Elected Officials

  • Laura Casas Frier, Foothill-DeAnza Community College District Trustee
  • Melinda Hamilton, Mayor of Sunnyvale
  • Craig Jones, former Mayor of Los Altos Hills
  • Mike Kasperzak, Mountain View City Council
  • Tamara Logan, Los Altos School District Trustee
  • Jamie McLeod, Santa Clara City Council
  • Tom Means, Mountain View City Council
  • Julia Miller, former Mayor of Sunnyvale
  • Jean Mordo, Los Altos Hills Town Council
  • Clyde Noel, former Mayor of Cupertino
  • Ginger Summit, Los Altos Hills Town Council
  • Dean Warshawsky, Los Altos Hills Town Council

Los Altos Commissioners

  • Mike Abrams, Planning
  • Jon Baer, Planning
  • Phoebe Bressack, former Planning
  • Jeannie Bruins, Planning
  • David C. Byrne, Financial
  • Elizabeth Chien-Hale, former Environmental
  • Justin Drewes, Historical
  • Lynette Lee Eng, Parks, Arts & Recreation
  • Paul Foerster, former Historical
  • Mike Gallagher, Traffic
  • Karen Greguras, Parks, Arts & Recreation
  • Greg Loney, Historical
  • Jerry Lopatin, former Traffic
  • Sapna Marfatia, Historical
  • Don McDonald, former Historical
  • Jerry Moison, Planning
  • Lenelle Smith, Library
  • Nancy Tucker, Library
  • Paul Van Buren, Financial

Community Supporters

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